How do you pronounce your last name?
Olah is pronounced like the spanish word for hello, "Hola" (with a silent "h").

How much will my design project cost?
Just as I create unique and customized designs, the cost for those designs are also unique and customized. I base my pricing on a below-market hourly rate, and prepare estimates for you in advance to give you an idea of the total cost for your specific project. I guarantee costs to stay at or below your estimate as long as the scope of the project remains the same. To get a quote for your design project, please contact me.

How are your rates lower than others?
I don't claim to be the cheapest designer in town, but I believe in making quality affordable, compared to the majority of other design firms out there. I believe that nonprofits and small businesses should be able to meet their budget without sacrificing the quality of their visual communication. Therefore, I structure my fees to be lower than traditional design firms.

I am not a nonprofit, but can I still get your reduced rate?
I have two hourly rates that I use to calculate project estimates. I reserve the lower of the two for nonprofit organizations and foundations only. Those groups include charitable organizations, 501(c)(3) corporations, charitable foundations, religious institutions, academic institutions, etc. If you or your company is not a nonprofit, you still get a rate that is lower than traditional design firms. All my clients, regardless of organization, receive competitive and below market rates.

How far in advance should I contact you before starting my project?
As a one-person design firm, my schedule does fill up rather quickly. I usually cannot accept last-minute projects except for current or past clients who I've worked with before. Preferably, you will contact me as soon as possible even if the start of your project is still months away. It's best to get on my calendar as soon as you can. But if you need to begin right away, go ahead and still contact me. I try to leave a little room in my schedule for last minute requests.

Do you provide printing or web hosting services?
I do not personally provide printing production services or web hosting services, but I have a lot of experience working with service providers who do. I can recommend printers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and online printers. I can also recommend a variety of service providers for your website including web hosts, domain name registrars, shopping cart services, and more. All the companies I recommend are third-party service providers that are not affiliated with me or my company. I do not receive discounts or other benefits for recommending them, except happier clients like you!

What can I do to create beautiful printed pieces while helping the environment?
I can advise you on how to lessen harmful effects on the environment by choosing from partially-recycled to fully-recycled professional paper options and soy-based inks.

Do you have a question not answered here? Are you interested in receiving a price quote? Please contact me.

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